Building and room acoustics cover the entire building from its structures to the completed interiors. Acoustic design is required everywhere in a building where people work or live. Very noisy facilities and, on the other hand, very quiet facilities are particularly challenging locations for acoustics.

Acoustic design can be a part of a new construction, renovation or alteration work, where an old industrial facility, for instance, is transformed into offices or apartments. The locations can include business facilities, hospitals, schools, day-care centres and residential buildings. Construction regulations and standards set the boundary conditions on acoustic design.

We always start the design project by determining the acoustic requirements of the building or facility room by room, depending on their function. In addition, we have our say in the placement of different facilities in the building’s layout and when necessary provide a suggestion for the placing of the most critical facilities in terms of sound insulation.

In building acoustics design, we focus, on the following aspects:

  • sound insulation between different spaces
  • the facade’s sound insulation from traffic noise
  • HVAC noise control

The aim of building acoustic design is to achieve a sound environment that suits the facility’s function by controlling the properties of sound with appropriate surface materials and acoustic elements. This may require either damping or controlling sound propagation. In room acoustic design, we determine the appropriate surface materials and their quantity, room by room, and, if necessary, identify the principle structures for acoustic elements.

Our services also include on site supervision during the construction as well as acoustic measurements, which ensures the correct implementation of the design. In evaluating the acoustics in a building or a facility, we focus on different aspects, such as sound insulation, room acoustics and noise control.

Performance facilities, such as concert halls and theatres require specialised acoustic design.

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