Audiovisual design

Audiovisual design

The audiovisual systems, such as conference technology and sound systems, must be taken into account already during the planning phase of a building. Comprehensive plans for audiovisual solutions focused on the functional demands of the site will serve the user a lot better than general audiovisual solutions.

We offer consultation related to the audiovisual technology and audiovisual system acquisition for both new buildings and renovation sites. We have also participated in projects where existing audiovisual systems are updated to serve better the new uses of the premises.

Audiovisual design is needed in locations where image and/or audio is used for communication, performance, presentation, education or decision-making purposes. These kinds of construction sites include company and government offices, meeting and conference halls, schools, sports arenas and religious facilities.

We are responsible for setting the demands to building services, which the AV-solutions require (ie. space reservations, electricity distribution, cabling). We also plan the audiovisual systems, consult in terms of acquisition and tendering, as well as supervise the contract for audiovisual construction.

Audiovisual design phase by phase

During the project planning phase we carry out the functional specifications of the audiovisual premises in cooperation with the constructor and/or user. In addition, we make preliminary cost evaluations regarding audiovisual technology and determine the necessary source material for evaluating the role of audiovisual technology on construction costs.

After the project decision has been made, we assist the constructor in specifying the design scope of audiovisual design and other design areas.

During the actual design phase, we are responsible for audiovisual engineering and provide the source material to other engineers. This includes the space reservations for devices and utility areas, electricity distribution, cabling, rigging and heat loads.

Coordination of the design work is essential for successful completion of the project.

When required, we also design the visual look and the furnishing in the audiovisual facilities and coordinate the data modeling for the premises. We also consult the constructor regarding audiovisual technology acquisition and assist in tendering.

In addition, we offer consultation when acquiring the audiovisual solutions as a separate service.. We participate in specifying leasing equipment and their maintenance.

Although we offer a broad selection of audiovisual design services, we are also happy to help with individual tasks.

A consultation agreement is always made regarding project planning, and the agreement includes detailed information about our responsibilities in the project. The audiovisual design solutions are always specified according to the customer’s requirements. The actual project management is always the constructor’s/customer’s responsibility but we may also assist in project management and coordination, if necessary.

Standards and accreditations

  • A quality system that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 certificate in Akukon projects
  • IFC 2x3 model

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