Our measurement services include in-situ sound insulation measurements performed, room acoustic measurements and noise measurements. We perform all measurements according to standardised and nationally approved methods with calibrated measurement equipment. Akukon Oy is a testing laboratory T229 qualified by the Finnish Accreditation Service (FINAS) with the accreditation requirement SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Sound insulation measurements

Sound insulation measurements are the airborne and impact sound insulation measurements between different rooms as well as facade insulation measurements. These often include sound insulation measurements for the final building inspection in order to verify that given requirements are met. Sound insulation measurements are also used for gathering initial data for the acoustic design in renovation sites.

Room acoustics measurements

We perform room acoustic measurements according to customers’ requirements as well as to support our own acoustic design. The room’s acoustic environment in a given facility can be measured with reverberation time and other parameters for room acoustics. Government guidelines and regulations depend on the function of the facility. For instance, the acoustics in concert halls should serve the performance and listening of classical music, while auditorium acoustics should enable clear and intelligible delivery of the speaker’s message to the audience.

Noise measurements

With noise measurements, we identify the propagation of disruptive and even harmful environmental noise in buildings and surrounding areas, where people spend time (i.e. apartments, offices, schools, hospitals and playgrounds). Typical noise sources outside buildings are road and rail traffic as well as industrial and power plants. In addition, our services include the noise measurements related to building technology, such as ventilation. We always compare the measured levels to the government regulations and guideline values.

Why accreditation?

In order to guarantee measurement quality, we provide our personnel with regular measurement training, perform monitoring and comparative measurements and internal audits, maintain our measurement equipment and develop our measurement methods. In addition, FINAS audits our measurement methods once a year in order to guarantee qualit

Because our measurement services are accredited, we can deliver legally and internationally qualified measurement reports. These are often required by the inspection authorities in construction projects.


  • Sound insulation measurements: ISO 16283-1,-2,-3, ISO 140-4,-5,-7,-14 and ISO 717-1,-2.
  • Reverberation time and measurements for performance halls: ISO 3382-1,-2 and ISO 354.
  • Environmental noise measurements: ISO 1996-1,-2, NT ACOUS 056 and Ministry of the Environment guideline 1/1995.
  • Noise measurements service equipment in buildings: EN ISO 16032, SFS-EN 12599 and SFS 5517.
  • Noise levels in dwellings: Valvira Asumisterveysasetuksen soveltamisohje osa II 2016.

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Accredited measurements

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