Noise and vibration exposure

Noise and vibration exposure

Noise and vibration control has many positive impacts on work productivity and safety. Noise and vibration exposure levels can be very high at some work places. Harmful sounds and environmental vibration affect working and concentration, among other things. In addition, noise can increase stress levels. Typically, people are exposed to noise in traffic, industrial environments and in show business.

We are experts in the design of noise and vibration prevention and functional, practical solutions. We offer more resourceful consultation than personal earmuffs. We incorporate noise and vibration control and building and room acoustics into a comprehensive solution. Our design work is based on the requirements of the user of the facility.

We prepare noise and vibration reports always in cooperation with companies’ work safety organisations.

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We help businesses determine their noise and vibration status situation with measurements that enable the assessment of the risks caused by harmful noise and vibration. We carry out personal exposure measurements, machine and task specific measurements as well as general on site measurements.

Using the results from the measurements we assess the level of noise and vibration risk and determine goals for the mitigation measures. With risk assessment, we specify requirement levels – which level the exposure should be for the health risks to remain as low as possible.

We help companies in preparing, implementing and updating their noise and vibration prevention programmes. Creating and implementing a programme often requires a high level of expertise regarding alternative technical solutions. We prepare the noise and vibration prevention programmes in close cooperation with the company as part of continuous work safety improvement operations at work places.

We also design lay out solutions where the amount of harmful noise is minimised. Sound insulation and room acoustics of the facilities are essential in this respect. We also assist in the selection of acoustic materials and in specifying their quantity, quality and location.

Machine and device acquisition also plays a significant role in the noise and vibration status of a company. We help our customers in determining the boundary conditions in noise and vibration in machine acquisition.

In addition, we supervise the implementation of the agreed operations, for instance, during the construction phase. We also carry out final inspections and measurements, when needed, in order to meet the necessary requirements.

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  • Noise exposure measurements: According to the government decree 85/2006 and standard SFS 4578
  • Body and hand vibration measurements: Government decree 48/2005, directive 2002/44/EY, ISO 2631-1


  • The Finnish Border Guard

Melu- ja tärinäaltistus

Melu ja tärinä - Laborers working
Melu ja tärinä - Paramedic standing

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